Secret to A Younger YOU: The 3 Month Program: A Natural Facelift Without Botox




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Dr. Bridghid McMonagle graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health and a minor in Chemistry. She went on to complete her doctorate at Bastyr University in 2005. Dr. McMonagle started to think about a career in healthcare while she was in Thailand during her U.S. Peace Corps service. Living in a small village and traveling throughout S.E. Asia gave her a new perspective on health. She noticed people had a better sense of community, more time for socializing, and ate simpler foods. After finding her way to naturopathic medicine and finishing a residency in Oregon, Dr. McMonagle started her private practice in Lake Oswego. She had no idea how much this would change her life and her own health. Thanks to her education, she increased her energy and figured out that her adult acne only happened when she ate gluten-containing foods. Her practice continues to grow and has been very successful. During her free time, she loves traveling and exploring other cultures. When at home in Oregon, you will often find her hiking, running, paddling, or thrashing herself at Crossfit; it’s her version of meditation!
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