Dr. Bridghid McMonagle

"Hello Dr. McMonagle, 
I’m writing to let you know that taking eggs out of my diet has completed solved my digestion problems – so kudos to you for helping me figure that one out! I am doing well staying gluten, dairy and egg free."

"In early November, Dr. McMonagle did the blood test for food allergies. Mid November we got the results and found I am allergic to almonds, eggs (specifically the yolk), and wheat and gluten. I had been having some off and on headaches particularly over one eye. I had already cut out gluten and dairy, but the headaches still persisted. I had a suspicion they may be coming from something I was eating since they were inconsistent. Within a week of cutting out eggs and almonds the headaches went away. In addition, I have much more energy particularly in the evenings. I have tested egg whites and had no headaches from eating them. I feel so good."

"Dr. McMonagle has shown exceptional knowledge and care regarding my issues. She has solved many issues that other doctor’s couldn’t. I like the way Dr. McMonagle focuses on lifestyle issues before prescribing. The ozone injections have been spectacularly successful in healing my numerous injuries and recommend this to any who suffers from sports injuries, vehicle accidents, or anything/anywhere in which you feel pain. I have seen many dermatologists in the past and Dr. McMonagle was the first doctor to take into account my diet and food allergies. Thanks Dr. McMonagle!!"

"I really appreciate the holistic approach Dr. McMonagle takes when she treats me. All options are on the table - diet, exercise, supplements, referrals to other specialists, as well as prescription drugs. She is genuinely concerned about taking the best approach to treatment."

"I have managed a self insured health care plan for my company for 14 years. Our staff have been pronounced, by our carrier, as their healthiest group they administer (this is a huge carrier). I believe it is because our company treats alternative medicine in the same regard as more traditional medicine. With the Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) you become a partner in your own health care, while N.D.s have the ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals just like an M.D. they will most often prefer a natural remedy which will be less expensive and, more often than not, more effective. Dr. McMonagle has treated several of our staff for a number of years and we are very happy with her results! She is my primary care doctor and I am extremely happy with the personal attention I receive and the state of my wellness. I absolutely, without reservation, recommend her as your next primary care doctor."

"You owe it to yourself to choose a holistic approach to your medical care. Everything is not cured by one common approach. Dr McMonagle finds the root cause. She looks into our unconscious patterns to see if lifestyle changes are necessary instead of prescription drugs. However, if needed they are prescribed.

Generations of people have been nurtured on naturopathic medical care which focuses on a good balance between mental and physical health. 

I like to think this approach lays the groundwork for a lifetime of good health."

"As a 58 year old man I no longer have to take high blood pressure medicine or medicine for my prostate. Instead I am eating seeds and taking fish oil along with a slow change in diet. I am also slowly loosing weight and feeling more relaxed. 
Dr. McMonagle, my family physician is also excited about my results. 
Her treatments have also reduced a major amount of the pain in my back where I have recently injured 3 disks. All in all she has done wonders with my health. 

Dr McMonagle is great to talk with about all medical problems"

"I have been greatly helped by Dr McMonagle over the past two years. She has provided effective healing modalities that have addresses my different health issues and provided me a quality of life I wouldn’t have otherwise. 
In addition Dr. McMonagle always takes the time to listen. Looks at the patient holistically, keeps current in developments in her field and best of all really cares. 
I highly recommend Dr. McMonagle"

"Dr. McMonagle is extremely knowledgeable in naturopathic as well as conventional medicine. In my case she helped me get off prescription blood pressure medication. I now have lower blood pressure without taking dangerous drugs. Needless to say I am thrilled. Dr. McMonagle is a compassionate listener and treats the whole person and not just the symptom. I give her my highest recommendation."

"This note is long overdue. I do wish to thank you for the ozone treatments you have been administering to my mother for close to a year now. Ozone therapy has made dramatic changes in Mom’s general well-being.

When Mom first started receiving treatments in December of 2011, her physical condition was rather stressed. She was awaiting January surgery for a prolapse. Once she completed her physical therapy and recuperation at a care center, she returned to assisted living where she had been since early fall of 2011. On her first few visits with you, she was transported via wheel chair. However, with continued treatment and strengthening exercises, she abandoned the chair for a walker. She stopped using her wheelchair at the end of winter/ beginning of spring, at least eight or nine months ago. 

Mom had been using hot water bottles and ice packs for months to help with her carpal tunnel symptoms (more than likely, as you have determined, resulting from arthritic discs in her neck). With the advent of ozone therapy, Mom’s usage of cold and heat gradually diminished until she no longer required any of that treatment. Her improvement has been nothing short of incredible as she required continuous intervention (throughout the day and into the night) to keep her hand pain at bay. Now, if she experiences the same twinges, she will walk over to a sink and run cold water over the offending hand for a few minutes.

Although her cognition is still challenged, in recent weeks, she resumed poetry writing; albeit, the quality of these contributions is not as coherent and lyrical as her past works. However, she is, at least, feeling challenged to write again. A good direction for her.

Although Mom does take Ibuprofen for toe pain especially and an occasional stronger medication, her pain level is far lower than it ever was in the recent past. 

Another area, which is extremely essential, is your humanity. Mom loves the repartee and appreciates being treated as a valuable human being. Not only do you engage in active conversation, you also listen to her concerns with a caring heart. You do not discount her explanations of health concerns but treat her with compassion and kindness. Feeling validated and respected is essential for each of us. You have most assuredly handled Mom to help her feel a part of the human race.

Thank you with blessings!"

Dr. Kaley Bourgeois

"Dr. Bourgeois was consulted recently. It is good to find a doctor who responds quickly, is thorough, and though she will work to find the most natural method possible of dealing with an illness, will let her patient know when an antibiotic would be the preferred treatment. Thank you so much, Doctor Kaley"

"I grew up in a family that had a natural holistic approach to Medicine. 5 years ago I got into a car accident and as a result was in and out of doctors offices, was taking medication like it was candy, being switched on and off medications constantly. I was miserable, felt unheard- the lack of communication was incredibly frustrating. The feeling I got whenever I left the many different doctors office was that they were just trying to make money off me. I had doctors order quite a few unnecessary procedures that did not make sense with what I had symptom wise- overall the experience with all the doctors made me swear I’d never see a doctor again. Fast forward some years- I came across Doc Kaley, I was so impressed with her bedside manner, her attention to detail, patience and communication. She devotes herself completely to me each visit and addresses all issues and takes the time to explain and talk through the exam- none of that “I have 15 minutes to spend with you” garbage. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable. Things that previous doctors had overlooked she picked up on, and I’m now getting the proper care I need. Doc Kaley is the best doctor I’ve seen in my 29 years. Doctors should strive to be like her, she does an amazing job and is what modern day doctors need to be in our failing health system."

"Dr. Kaley Bourgeois is not only an amazing doctor, but a wonderful person as well. She possesses all of the qualities one looks for in a health care provider; she is wicked smart and resourceful, she treats the whole body, she really listens and gives detailed explanations, and most importantly she genuinely cares about your well being. Before finding her, I had gone to many doctors for an ongoing health condition who offered little to no help. It was such a blessing to find Dr. Kaley! Since working with her I am feeling better than ever and trust in her to help me through any other health concerns that I may face in the future. Thank you!!!"

"To say Dr. Kaley Bourgeois changed my life for the better is an understatement. My pain management doctor only managed to fill my prescriptions, not manage my pain. Dr. Bourgeois ran tests that found many issues my doctors missed. I’ve been seeing Dr. Bourgeois for a year now and my results are amazing. She works to solve my problems, not just cover them up. Since we’ve begun working together my Fibromyalgia is much better. I’m not as anxious about the pain that comes with the winter as I have been in past years. This summer was the best I have felt in years! My quality of life is so much better since I started seeing Dr. Bourgeois."

Dr. Kevin Colling

"Dr. Colling was able to watch certain movements and start to see the cause of the problem before even examining me. He has great focused stretches that have really helped my back injury. I have been to many chiropractors and am very impressed with Dr. Colling"

"Dear Dr. Colling, I want you to know that our work this past summer has, despite the forecast, helped me maintain strength, has maximized my range of movement and has helped keep my spirit high. I have every confidence, in large part because of our work together, that I’ll be doing the lindy hop early next year. I would heartily recommend your caring, thoughtful treatment to anyone who asks."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Colling for about 18 months and feel compelled to write this letter of recommendation. Dr. Colling has been a fine chiropractor and sensitive to my delicate chronic back and neck issues, but his bio-mechanical therapy has been life changing in addressing many other physical ailments that have plagued me for years. I have visited many competent chiropractors since 1972 when I sustained my first neck injury, but Dr. Colling is the first who has been successful in getting me to do consistent in-home personal care that has made a huge difference in my body health. His bio-mechanical therapy involves intense, deep stretching in his office supported by Graston techniques. The office visits are great and relieve lots of tension and pain. However, the real power of the treatments is that Dr. Colling has been successful in getting me to actually spend between 15-30 minutes several times a week doing targeted stretches and strength-building exercises that have finally cleared up chronic problems and pain in my neck and back. Equally important has been the permanent relief and healing I have experience from three serious injuries I sustained this past year to my heal, knee, and hip. I should add that his diet and supplement recommendations have also been integral in helping me lose 45 pounds over the past year. I highly recommend anyone with chronic pain and acute injuries to visit Dr. Colling and explore how he can help you when other modalities just aren’t enough. "