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Dr. Lee
Doctor of Dental Surgery
I’m a dentist who took a course with Dr. McMonagle. She is firstly a great educator with a lot of knowledge. As a dentist, my hands are very important. My left index finger had some swelling and tenderness for over 2 months. This really affected the way I could work as I couldn’t hold a mirror well with my left hand. I got rid of my pop-up on my phone, thinking it was due to that stress. I stopped judo. I stopped golfing. I was very frustrated, to say the least. I was hardly golfing and I had the swelling and pain before judo, so I was beginning to worry that this was a repetitive stress injury to my hand from working. How was I going to continue dentistry for the next 20-25 years. One injection of ozone and 2-3 weeks later, my finger was healed. To someone who might possibly have to alter my career path, this was a blessing. Dr. M is knowledgeable, a good educator, and truly there to help patients feel better, whether she treats you or not.
All of the doctors here are amazing. I go for chronic pain and autoimmune diseases. I use the acupuncture and naturopath services here and keep coming back. The front desk staff are friendly and welcoming as well!
Dr McMonagle provides a rare and precise blend of science based clinical expertise, cutting edge technology and genuine care. I have referred so many people to her over the years and am always impressed with how she treats each one so effectively and uniquely. Not the cookie cutter approach but one where she takes in your unique history and looks for solutions just for you. I really like how she treats the person and not the test. Most of all, I have seen incredible results because she does not overload with testing or supplements and really listens to you. Wish we had more doctors like her.
I have had the wonderful pleasure of working with Dr. McMonagle of Lake Oswego Health Center. Having a stressful career and an active lifestyle, Dr. McMonagle was incredibly knowable, understanding and insightful. Dr. McMonagle was able to providing amazing insights and helpful guidance in resolving my issues with the use of Ozone therapy. Her expertise and knowledge in Ozone Therapy is extensive and her caring demeanor is the best. If you want to get your life back on track, healthy, happy, and pain free, I highly recommend Dr. McMonagle!
I have been waiting to write this review, because I wanted to write an objective opinion, rather than one based on short term feelings. About a month ago, I had landed on my foot sideways, and subsequently hurt it bad enough, that I had to call for a ride home, rather than walk on it. Keep in mind, I have twisted my ankle many times over the years, playing soccer, and walked it off. This time was different, I couldn't just walk it off, I could barely stand up. Two days later, Dr. McMonagle introduced me to ozone therapy. I'm a natural skeptic, and frankly, should have been born in Missouri (the "show me" state). I decided to keep an open and optimistic mind. Immediately after injection, there was relief from my pain. Ozone has anti-inflammatory benefits and helps to speed healing. There are 1,000's of published articles on the benefits of medical ozone therapy, and I would recommend reading about all of the benefits. Over the days following the injection, the area was still a little tender to touch, but did not hurt to walk on it. This is a distinct difference over previously using Ibuprofen and ice to heal a twisted ankle. In the previous method I used, the healing time was longer and in retrospect, the Ibuprofen ended up causing damage to (thinning of) my stomach lining, which causes more severe problems. Sometimes ozone therapy takes a few injections, but for me, one has been sufficient, however, I would not be opposed to having one more. If you have a need or an opportunity to take advantage of ozone therapy, I will highly recommend it.

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