Prolozone and Plasma Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP and prolotherapy are regenerative injection techniques that we will use in conjunction with Prolozone or as stand alone therapies. We use a specialized centrifuge to access the healing power of your own platelets. By concentrating your platelets (the yellow part of your blood after it is spun), healing time is accelerated in tendon, ligament, muscle and joint tissue. PRP has been very helpful with rotator cuff tears, partial tears of the achilles tendon, golfer’s/tennis elbow, and can be amazing when used cosmetically to help regrow hairs and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Patients are asked to prep for the treatment for at least 48 hours. During your evaluation, your doctor will let you know what injection technique is right for you. 

Injuries can’t completely heal without nutrients and oxygen. Activated platelets release growth factors that help speed healing. There can be some pain and soreness after the injections. We may treat you several times depending on your injury.

It is helpful to bring any recent labs and imaging reports that you have.