Fatigue & Chronic Infections

One of the most common concerns patients go to the doctor for are pain and fatigue. Fatigue can have such a wide range of causes that it can be elusive. Also, as we are aging, we often forget how much energy we used to have. Mild fatigue is much different then chronic severe fatigue. Let’s address the difference.

Generalized fatigue: In the last few years you just don’t have as much energy. We will help evaluate your sources of stress, sleep quality, nutrition and exercise routine. In addition to this, we will thoroughly check blood work to make sure low iron, low vitamin D, or underfunctioning thyroid are not the issue. Optimal hormones and digestion can also improve energy.

Chronic Fatigue: Patients may spend most of the day in bed. Or have struggled with extreme fatigue for years. This can be challenging to treat. We have to evaluate everything mentioned above, a thorough timeline of your health is very important, and investigate for chronic infections and past dental work. We will often treat with nutrients, IV’s and medications while we are working at discovering causes. Ozone therapies and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments have been very helpful as well as other IV therapies.

Chronic infections: This is treated much like chronic fatigue. We evaluate sources, past testing and treatments that have been tried, and develop a plan that works for you.