UV Therapy

What is UV Therapy?

Ultraviolet (UV) Therapy, also called photodynamic or polychromatic device (PCD) therapy, works by exposing our blood to different wavelengths of ultraviolet light. This light triggers a series of chemical reactions in the body that can help kill viruses and bacteria, boost the immune system, and improve oxygenation.

The procedure starts by taking a small vial of blood, which is then exposed to ultraviolet wavelengths that target bacterial and viral cells. When injected back into the body, these targeted cells die off and create a “vaccine-like” effect (antibodies).

Light therapy has immune modulation benefits that can speed healing and improve energy.

UV Therapy Treatments

At Lake Oswego Health Center, we specialize in UV therapy. Our team of experienced practitioners will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. Out therapy treats:

  • Viral infections, such as hepatitis C, respiratory infection, shingles, and herpes
  • Bacterial infections, like drug-resistant MRSA
  • Autoimmune diseases, e.g., rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
  • Respiratory infections, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other conditions

Hemalumen Therapy

The Hemalumen device is designed to treat the blood using different settings of ultraviolet light. Each light setting targets specific areas of health and can help mitigate disease:

  • Red — Increases mitochondrial energy
  • Amber — Improves vascular health, supports depression
  • Green — Improves blood viscosity, strengthens blood cell membranes
  • Violet — Decreases inflammation and increases oxygen/nutrient delivery throughout the body

Hemalumen has been an effective treatment option due to its healing capabilities since before the introduction of antibiotics. Benefits include:

  • Stopping virus and bacteria replication
  • Improving oxygenation
  • Increasing energy via mitochondrial health
  • Enhancing detoxification in the lymphatic system
  • Destroying pathogens and microorganisms
  • Aiding in detoxification

Red Light Therapy (RLT)

Red light therapy (RLT), sometimes called cold laser therapy, is used to treat many cosmetic issues, such as wrinkles, scars, hair loss, and stretch marks. Additionally, it has applications such as treating psoriasis, slow-healing wounds, and the side effects of chemotherapy.

By administering a combination of red and Infrared wavelengths of light, we are able to energize localized tissue from skin and nerves to deeper tendons, muscles, and bone, triggering the repair and healing process.

RLT is delivered through a flexible pad the size of a large heating pad. It can be scheduled in combination with the hyperbaric chamber, footbaths, or microcurrent treatments.

How Can You Benefit from UV Therapy?

If you’re seeking advanced immune system support, UV Therapy can help. Reach out to our clinic with any questions or concerns, or to schedule your new patient consultation.

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