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  • Ozone information
.  Find a CERTIFIED practitioner near you!
  • Dr. Rowen and Dr. Robbins curing Ebola in Sierra Lione with Ozone!  There is a recently published article on this as well in an african infectious disease journal.
  • Doctors, including Dr. McMonagle, discussing UVB success stories.
  • Youtube video about Prolozone and arthritis.  You can search on Youtube for more of these.
  • Ozone information
  • U.S. National Library of Medicine.  This is a free research site!  To find research, type the topics with an "AND" in between. An example would be, "ozone AND arthritis". You can 
   go to the limits tab and restrict the search to only human studies, a particular gender, or full articles only.
  • Biological dentistry.  Find a biological dentist near you and read about what to ask your current dentist.
  • Youtube Smoking Teeth video.  If you have ever had a silver color filling or you still do, you need to watch this.  Please do not jump to any treatment options without discussing this with the doctors at LOHC.
  • Youtube How Mercury causes brain neuron degeneration by the University of Calgary.
  • The American Association of Natural Physicians.  Make sure your doctor is a member and supports their organization.
  • Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  Make sure your doctor is a member and supports their organization.
  • The Gerson Institute.  Dr. McMonagle is certified in Gerson training and can help you understand their treatment options.
  • Dr. Magda Havas has extensively researched dirty electricity, wifi and EMF exposure.  She has links to wonderful research on her website.  Find out how to protect your family.
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