Cosmetic platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapies utilize concentrated growth factors from your own blood to reverse the signs of aging without the side effects of artificial fillers and chemicals. Results begin showing within days, including faded discolorations, minimized cellulite and reduced wrinkles. Effects are often longer lasting, safer and more affordable. In additiont to helping fine lines and wrinkles, research shows growth factors have anti-inflammatory effects, can enhance rate of tissue healing and help to repair soft tissue and muscular damage.

In 1948, Dr. Rita Levi Moltancinin discovered nervous system growth factors that led to the Nobel Prize with Dr. Stanley Cohen in 1986. Their findings led to the development and use of modern growth factor therapies in medicine.

A procedure utilizing this technology is available at Lake Oswego Health Center. We offer cosmetic PRP facelifts and other cosmetic injections based on the amazing regenerative therapy technique developed by technology from Switzerland. Only 1-4 treatments are needed with at least 1 month interval in between.

The technology also allows us to make a filler out of your own platelets for deeper lines.

There is minimal bruising after the therapy. 

The prices for treatment vary depending on the area of treatment. Please call the clinic for more information.

Useful Resources:

In addition to cosmetic PRP, we offer microcurrent therapy at Modern Radiance, our sister clinic. Other patients have seen significant improvement using our Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber as well.

If you would like facial rejuvenation, without using needles, we carry a product line from Europe that our patients love.

61 year old female after 1 Cosmetic PRP/ozone treatment. This photo is untouched and after 3 months.