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Ozone Therapy: How can it help?

Although still not commonly known in the U.S., ozone has been used in medical applications since the late 1800s, when physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla received a U.S. patent for an ozone generator.

Since that time, medical ozone has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from wounds and gangrene in soldiers during World War 1, to advanced cosmetic treatments available today.

Ozone often brings to mind the “ozone layer” in our atmosphere, which filters the sun’s radiation.   In its natural, gaseous form and in uncontrolled amounts, it can be dangerous to humans.  However, when used to treat disease or injury, medical-grade ozone is administered in precise doses under the care of a trained professional. 

When ozone is used in a clinical setting, it can increase the body’s oxygen supply and provide an antioxidant effect.  This, in turn, leads to healing at a cellular level.

Studies have shown ozone’s effectiveness in treating conditions including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, cognitive impairment, acute and chronic infections, arthritis, joint pain, and vessel plaques, among others.  Our experience with our own patients mirrors these results. 

Treatments can either be systemic, or target a specific injury.

Systemic ozone treatments include:

            Drawing blood which is treated and reintroduced to the body via an IV

            Injection into the muscle after mixing ozone and the patients blood

            Insufflation into a body cavity

Local ozone treatments include:

            Prolozone (joint and muscle injections)

            Wrapping an injured limb in plastic which is then filled with ozone

            Scar therapies


            Ozonated oil, for skin and nail conditions

Lake Oswego Health Center has a long history of providing ozone therapies, and is home to the first certified ozone practitioner in Oregon.   To find out if this treatment might benefit you, call 503-505-9806 to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

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