Accepting New Patients via telemedicine

We are able to establish care with new patients now via telemedicine. There are many insurance companies that have realized the importance of social distancing while still needing to support your healthcare needs. If your insurance plans covers us, it many only be a copay. There are many patients with Moda and Regence that have great coverage with us. We are also offering a special discount to patients who do not have coverage with us and pay our time of service discount. We are trying to be as available as possible to support you during this difficult time.

To schedule, please download Zoom which is free. Make sure we have your insurance information that is the most current. Call to schedule or for any questions.

Let’s use this forced “downtime” to get as healthy as possible. There is so much we can do in our day to day lives. We will be sending out newsletter articles to help you stay up to date with researched treatments for immune support and mood support as well.

Remember to disconnect daily and get some exercise.

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Lake Oswego Health Center

Dr. Bridghid McMonagle

Telemedicine for you!
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