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We can discuss medical ozone therapy and how we can get this treatment to you at home. How can ozone help right now?

Medical ozone rapidly reacts producing reactive oxygen species and lipid peroxidation products. Ozone has been studied for more than a century and has thousands of research articles published. Ozone has been shown in research to inactivate bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeast. It can stimulate oxygen metabolism and help to activate our immune system. 

We can also drop ship products and offer curbside pick-up.

There are several labs that are still available so we can send test kits to you

There are several labs that are currently offering testing:

Improve your digestion by learning more about zonulin and other markers with the GutZoomer via stool testing. Learn about mycotoxins, heavy metal testing, environmental toxins, organic acids, hormone and metabolite testing and total toxic burden via urine testing is available.  We can offer hormone testing via saliva.

Here is more on ozone therapy:

Research on medical ozone:

Here is a link to a 2016 research article about ozone therapy at SARS.


Here is a press release about ozone showing promise in Italy:


“Medical ozone helps improve oxygenation and proved effective for SARS in 2002.  Currently there are 17 hospitals using SIOOT oxygen ozone therapy to treat people affected by COVID-19.  From preliminary reports from autopsies of those who died from COVID-19, it appears that the virus immediately attacks the microcirculation system causing widespread thrombosis.  Several hospitals are using Major AutoHemo Therapy (MAHT), a protocol that extracts the patient’s blood, bubbles oxygen ozone through the blood in a saline or heparin bag, and is infused back into the patient.  Patients showed clinical improvement in 1-2 days of receiving one infusion, one time a day. The earlier you treat the person the better the results you have.”

On the April 1, 2020, the SIOOT reports, “After practicing Oxygen Ozone Therapy, the doctors found the following evidence: a general improvement in clinical conditions, normalization of body temperature, a reduction in C Reactive Protein (PRC), normalization of heart rate, an improvement in saturation and reduction in oxygen support, normalization of renal function (creatinine).”

Also, please consider advocating for ozone and IV Vitamin C to be used to help treat those with COVID-19 or similar symptoms.

Link: https://www.prweb.com/releases/the_american_association_of_naturopathic_physicians_urges_physicians_and_hospitals_to_utilize_iv_vitamin_c_to_combat_the_covid_19_pandemic/prweb17016592.htm

“Patients receiving IVC experienced shorter hospital stays and lower mortality, allowing greater access to intensive care resources (including ventilators) for other vulnerable patients.”

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