Liposomal B Complex and Its Benefits

Welcome to our latest newsletter from Lake Oswego Health Center! Today, we’re excited to share with you some information about Liposomal B Complex and its potential benefits for cognitive function, depressive symptoms, and fatigue. Liposomal B Complex is a unique supplement that contains a combination of all eight B vitamins in their active forms encapsulated […]

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3d illustration of a molecular structure in a blue-toned background.

Ozone Therapy: How can it help?

Although still not commonly known in the U.S., ozone has been used in medical applications since the late 1800s, when physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla received a U.S. patent for an ozone generator. Since that time, medical ozone has been used to treat a variety of conditions, from wounds and gangrene in soldiers during World […]

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A woman lying down receiving a cosmetic injection on her forehead from a practitioner wearing gloves.

Prevent Hairloss with PRP

Hair loss can happen for several reasons. Most commonly, it occurs as gradual thinning in both men and women as an unfortunate effect of the aging process. However, there are multiple causes for hair loss that are often overlooked. At Lake Oswego Health Center (LOHC), the doctors performs PRP hair treatment. This is an innovative, […]

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A woman with a radiant complexion gently touches her cheeks, showcasing her smooth, flawless skin against a neutral background.

A Younger You With Cosmetic PRP

Dull skin? Aging Skin? Damaged Skin? If you are looking for fresher, younger, rejuvenated looking skin, Cosmetic PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a proven treatment to repair skin at a cellular level. Your body has the power within itself to heal and regenerate tissues by using its own platelets from your own blood to stimulate […]

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Is A Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

It may seem like a ketogenic plan is no more than a new “fad diet” for losing weight. This is not the case. Ketogenic diets are neither new nor useful only for dropping pounds. Despite gaining recent popularity for weight loss, ketogenic diets have been used in modern medicine for greater than a century. Even the practice […]

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Patient Success Story: Sjogrens

We had a wonderful patient success story that I would like to share. We have a 60 year old female patient who has had Sjogren’s for the last 5-7 years.  The patient heard about our clinic when Dr. McMonagle was speaking at a seminar on ozone therapy for brain injuries.  Dr. McMonagle showed a video, […]

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Juicy sausages sizzling on a barbecue grill.

The Meat & Colon Cancer Connection: Understanding W.H.O. Findings

Fans of bacon and other beloved meat products cringed yesterday as the World Health Organization (W.H.O) announced findings that there is “sufficient evidence in humans” that “processed meat causes colorectal cancer.” This press release was followed by bold headlines and news articles everywhere, labeling meat as the cause of cancer. While oversimplified headlines may mislead […]

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Can You Trust Your Supplements?

We’ve all been tempted by that “Vitamin Special” stocked conveniently on the end of the aisle at our local grocery. An opportunity to do something good for your body while saving the bank? Sounds like a steal! Whether’s it’s a low-cost multivitamin or an easy to find herbal sleep remedy, supplement “steals” are rarely deals. […]

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