• Ovary support
  • Promotes normalized hormone levels
  • Supports healthy ovulation
  • Dietary supplement
  • 180 V-Caps

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OvaBlend – Hormone Balance Support: This formula compliments comprehensive nutritional and exercise programs to promote healthy hormone levels, a healthy insulin response and normal, healthy ovulation.*

Featured Ingredients:
Chromium and NAC, N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, show supportive research in promoting healthy glucose tolerance levels and insulin response. Sarsaparilla promotes a progesterone-like effect, a potential important factor for women looking for ovarian support. Certain natural substances promote stimulation of sex hormone binding globulin, in turn maintaining healthy androgen levels; we’ve included: Nettles root and Green tea; flax meal may also be supportive. Saw palmetto promotes inhibited activity of 5 alpha reductase, thereby maintaining healthy testosterone levels.

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